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Other groups

Larp Hrvatska - formerly a movement and a group of projects (including a Facebook group and a blog) to facilitate informing the public about various larps in Croatia, exchanging storylines between fantasy larps, trying some new things and improving the cooperation between various groups, seeing itself as neutral in all aspects. Some associates are members of other groups, others are not. Some larps in the past have been organized or promoted primarily by the project, but now they're independent or done through other groups. Much of the "political" activism has been lost throughout the years, and now it's primarily running articles. Blog went inactive for a year. Started by P. Sabljar, it's currently managed by M. Wranka.

Starbase Cantina - a SF association which ran some Battlestar Galactica larps as well as murder mysteries. It is unknown at the moment if they plan to continue running them. You can check their facebook group here.

Former and inactive groups

Sfinga - a SF association in Kutina which started Croatian larp with Summer Session in Katoličke Čaire - Nepokoreno Kraljevstvo, the main larp event in Croatia from its beginning in 1997 until 2007 or so. Their playerbase seems to be inactive, as well as their association. Several Amtgard chapters in entire Croatia were associated with Summer Session, and many former players from Zagreb are a part of other currently active groups.

Former playergroups - apart from Sfinga, there were also groups of larpers in Rijeka and Pazin organized around their respective Sci-Fi associations, but they seem to have lost interest in larp as well - the associations did survive though. Pazin also had its Amtgard chapter, Histria, which was connected to Nepokoreno Kraljevstvo in Kutina, and they ran their larps in Motovun.

Camarilla Hrvatska - a Vampire: The Requiem larp that started in 2006, but appears to be defunct lately. It was played in Umag, Rijeka and Osijek, and active until at least 2009. I have no later info on them. (Not related to the Camarilla Agram)

Green Banner Hrvatska is a defunct Croatian branch of the (still active) Green Banner group from Novi Sad, 
Vojvodina, Serbia. The Croatian branch was also known as the "second division". Green Banner organizes Vladimirovac or VLARP, largest larp in Serbia once a year (it uses their own simple ruleset), and the Croatian branch organized Sunčev Potočić larp in 2012 and 2013, commonly with the cooperation of other larp groups. They also worked as in-game team on every larp they're on, doing military drills and weekly training sessions between larps. The Croatian branch was situated in Zagreb. A lot of Croatian members were also members of Ognjeni Mač. They were one of the organizers of Crolarp, which is organized by several groups working together on storyline.

SRP - Sekcija za Role Playing - a roleplaying section of the student club of Faculty of Philosophy on the University of Zagreb. While they didn't focus on larp itself as much as the RP on whole, they have organized several short larps, usually on sci-fi conventions, and they plan to organize more of them. They ran short but fully rounded larp games in Nordic larp style. They often organize lectures about RP, and guests from other larps have been sometimes called to promote their own larps. You can check their Facebook page here, and their mailing list here. Most larps which were formerly run by SRP are now run by Lateralus as there's a lot of overlap between the people of the two (including the leadership). They are currently inactive.

If you have any information about inactive groups, please let me know.