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Ognjeni Mač

 Type   Non-profit association
 Location  Zagreb, Branimirova 85
 Notable larps  Jaska, Maksimir
 Event styles  Small, medium, large - focus on action and immersion
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Note: information listed below on Ognjeni Mač is outdated, and currently maintained for historical purposes. Since 2014 they switched to the new organizing scheme, and they had a drop in activity. Last larp they ran at the time of writing was in March 2014, and their large event in July got canceled due to low sign-up numbers. What will happen? We'll see.

Ognjeni Mač is the one of the largest and most active larp groups in Croatia. It's also known for the currently highest fantasy larp gear quality in Croatia. Ognjeni Mač uses its own rules, derived from Amtgard's - there's currently no English translation, but if you're interested you can check Amtgard rulebook and you will be explained all the differences. The forum of Ognjeni Mač is one of the most active places for discussing Croatian larp, and it has an English corner too.

Maksimir events are typically RP and quests - sometimes there's a battlegame or certain sort of larp combat or RP training organized. They're typically ran on Saturdays at Maksimir park in Zagreb, usually in a secluded area near the fifth lake. Together with Krvomeđe, they're the most numerous events in Croatia (whether there are more Krvomeđe or Maksimir events depends on a year), typically 8-15 being organized every year.

Jaska larp is named after the city of Jastrebarsko, which is close to the terrain - the game is played next to the village of Gornja Kupčina. Until 2011 there were two organized every year, in May and in July. Dates are always around 20th. In 2011 there were three Jaska larps (third, Jaska 9, was a 24 hr larp organized in October), with Jaska 8 in June being the largest larp in the 2011. Jaska has the largest larp terrain in Croatia, and typically most combat - it's known as the deadliest larp in Croatia (to characters, of course) with anywhere from 5 to 15 percent characters not surviving. All 24 hrs are considered to be in-game time, the story goes on, and there's always a level of danger present. Its storyline is also very active, as there are typically many power shifts in-game - anyone can quickly rise, but also fall quickly. It's a land of opportunity and danger.

They are one of the organizers of Crolarp, which is organized by several groups working together on storyline. In 2012 and 2013, Ognjeni Mač was not running the second Jaska event - Crolarp was organized instead on the same terrain.

There are also various feasts (in Croatian: gozba) organized by Ognjeni Mač since 2008. These are usually budget-minded RP events with food that last a few hours without sleeping over (as opposed to events by some other organizers which are also called feasts, but feature sleepover, such as Sunčev Potočić). Several of the feasts have been unnamed. First (unmarked) feasts were organized in the old association headquarters, on Opatijski trg - those mentioned here under "association headquarters" were organized in the current association headquarters, on Trg kralja Petra Krešimira IV. Those with specific "hosts" have been organized in the host's home. They are special events, with special names but connected to (and supporting) the Maksimir and Jaska story. Record of feasts from 2009. onwards:
  • Gozba na Banovom brijegu (July 11, 2009; host: I. Žalac (me))
  • Gozba u udruzi (March 24, 2010; association headquarters)
  • Gozba na Banovom brijegu 2 (July 10, 2010; host: I. Žalac)
  • Proljetna gozba na Banovom brijegu (March 19, 2011; host: I. Žalac)
  • Gozba u udruzi (July 10, 2011; association headquarters)
  • Podsljemenska gozba (May 12, 2012; host: R. Šelendić)
  • Kraljevska gozba 1 (July 15, 2012; host: F. Putar)
  • Gozba u Niklausovom utočištu (August 22, 2012; host: D. Gavran)
  • Posljednji ispraćaj Morane (November 24, 2012; host: F. Putar)
  • Vjenčanje Sowe i Matilde (December 19, 2012; association headquarters)
  • Gozba pred Jasku (May 5, 2013; association headquarters)
Ognjeni Mač has its meetings every Wednesday and Sunday evening at its headquarters. On most meetings there's a workshop with people crafting their own gear.