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 Type  Informal association
 Location  Zagreb
 Notable larps  Krvomeđe, Rajski Vrhovi, Labuđa Rijeka
 Event styles  Small, medium, large
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Krvomeđe is the chapter of Amtgard in Croatia, and it's the only Amtgard chapter in Europe. Officially it's known as the Barony of Krvomedje, and it's a member of Kingdom of the Rising Winds. While there's a small number of active core players, it has a large number of visitors and players from every group. Krvomeđe is very active, with over 10 events organized in a year - although they've slowed down in 2014.

The Krvomeđe event was the first single-day park event in Croatia, once running almost every Sunday - however, it stopped for a few years, and restarted now with a monthly schedule. It aims to be every second Sunday of the month, unless it clashes with a bigger event in which case it will get shifted a week sooner or later. Usually, several battlegames are run on Krvomeđe, played on a flat terrain at the bank of Sava river, near Savica lake in Zagreb. It doesn't offer much roleplay, but it offers plenty of opportunities to practice fighting and tactics for larger events in Croatia.

Rajski Vrhovi is a large three-day roleplaying event in Budinjak, Croatia. There have been more Rajski Vrhovi events organized than any other large Croatian larps, and it's one of the oldest still-running larps in Croatia. Nowadays, it's typically organized twice a year, usually in early June and August. It's known for its relaxed atmosphere and the Night Hunt battlegame which is traditional on Rajski Vrhovi.

They were one of the organizers of Crolarp, the largest Croatian fantasy larp in 2012 and 2013.

Occasionally there's also a feast organized on Rajski Vrhovi. There's also a third, newest game location at the banks of river Dobra - Labuđa rijeka. Two short water events have been held so far in 2012, while a test event was held in 2011. on river Mrežnica. In 2013, Labuđa rijeka was organized on Dobra river. In 2014, no Labuđa rijeka events took place due to weather and business obligations.