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Independent larps

Majčin Gaj

Majčin Gaj is a fantasy larp in Croatian common fantasy world by M. Wranka. In 2011 it was held once, in Lubena - which is how it's also called - and it was second largest larp of the year. It's focused on mystery and RP, with no monsters - instead, strange things happen to players there. Although it's officially run on Amtgard rules, they are upheld very loosely as thinking out of bounds is very encouraged - it's considered to be more of an experimental larp. The 2012 event was canceled at the last moment due to health issues. It had a large influence on the storylines of other Amtgard-like events. No further runs happened, but the storyline was finished on Crolarp.

Steampunk - Para pokreće svijet

Para pokreće svijet (Steam runs the world) is an indoor Steampunk larp campaign ran by S. Nemet. Its focus is on building the alternate history of the world which develops in the background based on player actions. The money system is quite dynamic due to salary system and plenty of gambling and betting that takes place. Rulebook is written specifically for the event, and mostly details setting, game mechanics are de-emphasised.

Fallout larp

Fallout larp, organized by M. Logožar and Z. Vlahović, is a postapocalyptic action larp, using airsoft weapons. It's partially based on the Fallout franchise, but developing its own part of the world in the wild, dystopian and radioactive postapocalyptic future (where Croatia is now).


Carmen is a generic, sandbox SF larp organized by Z. Barać (who also wrote the rules), with a distant future setting and NERF weapon use. So far one larp has been run - a single-day indoor event in Zagreb - and more have been announced.

Star Wars

Star Wars is an indoor larp by I. Turk and M. Mihoković, based on modified Carmen rules. In 2014 it was run twice, with the third event planned for late autumn.

Beyond Gods and Empires

Beyond Gods and Empires is a planned antiquity social larp by S. Nemet. Similar to the Steampunk, it will feature worldbuilding and political system.