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Green Banner

Green Banner Hrvatska are a Croatian branch of the Green Banner group from Novi Sad,
Vojvodina, Serbia. The Croatian branch is also known as the "second division". Green Banner organizes Vladimirovac or VLARP, largest larp in Serbia once a year (it uses their own simple ruleset), and the Croatian branch organizes Sunčev Potočić larp (which runs on Ognjeni Mač ruleset), commonly with the cooperation of other larp groups. They also work as in-game team on every larp they're on, doing military drills and weekly training sessions between larps. The Croatian branch is situated in Zagreb. A lot of Croatian members are also members of Ognjeni Mač. You can find their Facebook group here (main Green Banner group).

They are one of the organizers of Crolarp, which is organized by several groups working together on storyline.