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 Type  Non-profit association
 Location  Osijek
 Notable larps  Utvrda Svjetlosti
 Event styles  Medium, large - focus on storyline
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Gaia is one of the oldest Sci-Fi clubs in Croatia. It's the only larp group in Osijek and entire eastern Croatia - actually the only active group not based in Zagreb. Its larps are run using Amtgard rules.

Larp Utvrda Svjetlosti (or larp Istočna Anarhija, or larp Ivanovac) held in Ivanovac, is one of the longest running major larps in Croatia. The terrain features a historical landmark - ruins of the Korođvar fortress, or Zidine as the locals call it (that's Utvrda Svjetlosti - The Fortress of Light in-game). The game is held around and inside the keep, which makes for some truly enchanting evening RP moments. The game is held once a year - in 2010. it was in July and in 2011./2012./2013. it was in June. Utvrda Svjetlosti was the largest larp of 2010.

Apart from the main Utvrda Svjetlosti larp, shorter events are sometimes organized, such as feast in Crkvari which was organized in November 2011.

So far in 2014 no large event was organized, but there was one small event.