Larps change, people change, new larps pop up and some larps disappear. Maybe a group you were following disappeared? Recently I wrote an article on history of Croatian larp, and sometimes I write a historical article on crolarper, and here I'll attempt to note changes in the scene as the time passes.

So here we go.


New larps: Camarilla Agram, LarpCraft, Star Wars, Beyond Gods and Empires, Astra

Changes: Cleaned up direct links to the inactive groups and larps, though they still remain on website.


New larps: Carmen, The Elder Scrolls Chronicles, most of the one-shot section (A Party Full of Secrets, Death of the Japanese Emperor, Highland Games, Izgon 1 and 2, Koliba, Limbo, (Re)Union, Star Trek: Tethys)

Changes: Changed spelling of larp on the website. Added the one-shot section. Campaign secion edited. Several group articles have been updated to reflect current state.


New larps: Para pokreće svijet, Terra Nova, Crolarp, Fallout, Labuđa rijeka, Tragači zore

Didn't happen this year but likely to happen at some time: Majčin Gaj

Likely disappeared (not counting planned one-shots): Gozba Issarinska, Gozba na Banovom brijegu

New groups: Lateralus association

Changes: Sunčev Potočić is no longer organized as Larp Hrvatska but as Green Banner Hrvatska. Main organizer didn't change. Future Terra Nova events will be organized as part of Lateralus. Organizers didn't change.